Nationalist Democracy

A government of enlightenment

Our current democracy is being used against us as a weapon in our own destruction. We now have three generations of adults brought up and indoctrinated by the deception that our democracy is our freedom. Voting for people who are plotting against you is not freedom. Free people know the truth and live under just rule. Currently candidates are selected by their party either because they are suitably malignant or suitably ignorant and malleable. Despite their claims and the fact they are supposed to work in the best interests of their constituents they do not represent you. They represent vested interests, themselves and their own dangerous fantasies. They do not respect their constituents but play a game of lies and deception in order to be re-elected. It makes no difference which of the Lib/Lab/Con or any other party enslaved by political correctness you vote for because the outcome is the same in the end: Our destruction. Multi party democracy is a proven failure, a tool for division, corruption and subversion. It is nothing more than the power of deception over the deceived.

Solution: The nation is the party and the people are its members, constituents and elected leaders.

A nation must be governed by the truth with the best interests of all it's people at heart. The truth of course requires people to find it and then defend it. The truth is both found and defended by hard questioning.

From among the people national and local leaders will be found and selected based on merit and public examinations open to all. Then from these the people will vote some into parliament and others into local councils. The elected leaders seek the best solution for the people and place their bills directly before the public to judge, doing away with the house of Lords whose membership is currently given as reward to people for their subversive contributions to the New World Order.

While this system will filter out those unable to govern competently it still risks subversives slipping through. But as everyone then will know what forms subversion takes, such people will easily be identified and dealt with by the law before any lasting damage has been done.

Local Level

As much power as possible must be devolved to county and town level. Publicly elected councillors would be required to come to the best decision based on intelligent inquiry and debate. Proceedings would be made readily available to the public and all councillors would be asked to justify the way they voted in writing. Subversives would find it difficult to deceive an enlighted public and impossible to deceive everyone. Know Yourself