Nationalist Defence

Defence spending would increase. Bureaucracy, corruption and waste would be minimised, particularly as much of it is subversive in nature. All material and equipment would be manufactured in the UK.

Equipment would be of the highest standard. In the event we are unable to design items of the highest quality in a timely manner (The SA80 for example) we would seek to manufacture under license in the UK the very best foreign designed equipment.

People/companies will not make profits from wars. In the event of a war suppliers would be expected to maintain their peace time rate of profit. So if their net profit was 10 per item and we required ten times the usual number we would expect their profit per item to fall to 1. Any defence company found profiteering would either be nationalised or another supplier would be found. Directors of profiteering companies would be held liable.

All former military personnel would be guaranteed employment and training in the nationalised industry or government/council service of their choice. The current system wastes the talent and dedication of our service people quite deliberately.

The armed forces will no longer be sent on missions whose only aim is to waste the lives of patriots, rack up debt, make money for oil/defence companies and destabilise the world for the New World Order.


The vast majority of people who join the police do so because they want to make society safe for its citizens. They are good people who are being used and lied to. They too are the victims of government deception, rules and regulations. If you find yourself arrested and bent over while a homosexual psychopath is fingering your back passage on the off chance you might have a knife up there just remember, the humiliation tactic and the guy who thinks its a decent way to earn a living are there because the government put them there. The government wants you to hate the police because it wants to force the police to defend their "democracy" right up to the moment they intend to discard it and have those same police men and women savaged by a communist mob.

We are a long way from the friendly bobby of the 1950's who everyone knew and respected. That's because "progress" is revolutionary and requires increasing levels of oppression until it finally collapses. Without the subversion the immigration and lies the only real difference in policing today would be provided by scientific and technological advancements.

Under Nationalism the police force would exist to serve it's citizens not its politicians. There would be more police with much less paperwork and they would again be the reassuring presence they used to be.