Nationalist Society

The safest most stable society is not diverse. It is made up of one people and one religion working together for the common good. Deliberately introduce different races and religions and the outcome is entirely predictable : Societal breakdown and oppression. This isn't racism or bigotry its the difference between a society that endures and one that collapses into a blood bath and tyranny.


Christianity and it's true meaning to be taught in schools as the official and true religion. Those who really can't believe in God will still have the knowledge and understanding to recognise Jesus Christ as our savior and realise they are much better off living in a safe, stable country where others do!
See: 1 John 2:22-23


Without the burden of mass immigration, Marxist subversion and an incompetent political class the NHS could be the Rolls Royce of medical services without needing to spend one extra penny.


Benefits are supposed to provide a safety net for those who are in genuine need. The Marxist strategy of paying people to sit round all day so they can then call them lazy and import workers instead will end.


The best way to bring up children is in families. Marriage will be encouraged and motherhood cherished. While all the cultural Marxist ideas on the subject will be swept away.


Subversion of the education system will stop. Schools will no longer fail and lie to our children. Every child will leave school knowing they are valuable, needed and have a real and worthwhile contribution to make. University education would be paid for by the state and would train our people to do the jobs society really needs so no more media studies etc.

Media & Advertising

All newspapers, radio stations, tv channels and advertising agencies must be British owned. Individuals and companies must not own more than one. State controlled media like the BBC will be improved, simplified and reduced in size. 2 tv channels and 5 radio stations. Local radio would be left to the private sector. With the licence fee abolished the service would be free to air.

Law and Order

All laws, rules and regulations that were created to advance the interests of the New World Order and big business will be torn up. The law will be simplified and new subversion and treason laws would be created. Real freedom means just rule by elected leaders who tell the truth and have the best interests of the people at heart.